Can I have my cataracts treated with a laser?

The use of Femtosecond laser or “bladeless” cataract surgery was first performed in Hungary in 2008 and more recently in Australia in 2011. There are currently very few ophthalmology practices who utilize this technology in Queensland.

The laser does not replace the need for surgical procedure to remove the opacified lens in the eye and replace it with a clear artificial lens. However, it does provide for more predictable surgical incisions and reduces the amount of time for the hands-on component of the procedure.

While there are plenty of additional implied benefits of this new technology, more research is required to confirm these benefits compared to conventional cataract surgery. At this stage, the evidence suggests that the use of laser in cataract surgery appears at least as safe as conventional procedures.

If I had a cataract, I would certainly be investigating this option.

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