Guard your Eyes with Satin Blue

The SATIN BLUE range is created by world class optical technologies that incorporates protective coatings to shield your eyes from harmful blue-light. 

Blue-light emanates from LED screens in technology that we use everyday eg: fluorescent/CFL light bulbs, phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Blue-light penetrates the eye deeper than UV-light.  Over exposure to harmful blue light can cause tired eyes, insomnia and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). 

  • Satin Blue protects your eyes by selectively filtering light, to comfort your eyes whilst looking at a screen. 
  • Satin Blue provided excellent clarity. 
  • Satin Blue lenses are Scratch resistant, Smudge resistant, Repels dust & water, Anti-reflective, Anti fog, SPF & UV protection
  • Ideal for everyday use, no matter what environment you are in.
  • Ideal for people of all ages.
  • Satin Blue is recommended for its preventative medical benefits to the eyes. 
To enjoy all these benefits simply add SATIN BLUE to your new lenses today by contacting your local Eyecare Eyewear Practice Dalby 07 4669 7072, Chinchilla 07 4668 9888 or Warwick 07 4661 4144.


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