Why should I have an eye scan?



Answer:  As part of a comprehensive eye examination, I suggest that the majority of my patients consider an OCT (optic coherence tomography) scan.  This technology enables the near instantaneous acquisition of photos and extremely high resolution, 3 dimensional scans of the eye.  Prior to utilizing this technology optometrists have had to rely on patient symptoms, functional vision measurements and observations with a standard microscope to detect eye disease and record the anatomical features.    

In fact when I studied optometry we were encouraged to draw pictures of important features of the eye. Not being a particularly good artist, I was more than happy to embrace this new technology.     

There are so many benefits that eye scans offer. They provide a snap shot of one’s eye health enabling accurate comparison of the same eye in the future. This is highly valuable in the screening and management of degenerative eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration & diabetic retinopathy. Recently a study has found a link between a parameter assessed by an OCT (retinal nerve fiber layer thickness) and dementia implying that optometrists may be soon recognized as being able to screen for this condition.          

To summarise, eye scans provide me with exponential increase in the amount of information that I can access regarding your eye health. Since including these scans, I feel much more confident in the diagnosis and management of eye disease.   

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