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Flash Gear – Ocular Photography.  

Have you ever been told you have a medical problem without a real understanding of what this means? Most people need to see to understand and a picture tells a thousand words.

At Eyecare Eyewear, our practices are equipped with cameras that take photos of both the front and back of the eye. We think that all eyes warrant this level of service. As such, our cameras are not kept in the backroom and brought out for special occasionals; they are easily accessible to every patient at every consultation.   In keeping with our commitment to bring the best for our patients, our Dalby practice was the first location in Australia to install the CR1 Canon digital retinal camera.   

Why take ocular photos?

  • See for yourself your cataract, pterygium or macular degeneration
  • Track changes of your eye health for superior optometric management.
  • Information sharing with doctors and specialists.   

For further information regarding our ocular photography proposition contact the Eyecare Eyewear Team on 4669 7072 (Dalby), 4668 9888 (Chinchilla) or 4661 4144 (Warwick).


Looking For a New Look?

Have you had a haircut? You’ve lost weight? No it’s more than that! Nothing defines a new look like a pair of glasses from Eyecare Eyewear.              

When you wear a pair of designer frames or sunglasses from Eyecare Eyewear, you are making a serious fashion statement.  

What differentiates our frame selection from our corporate competitors is our access to the latest frame ranges. Each designer frame is carefully selected from the latest releases from all around the world. If it is still in our display when a new range is released it is rotated out for the new season’s fashion.  

But I can never find a frame I like? With over 1000 frames in stock include brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Oakley; we will find a frame to complement your look!  

To find your new look contact the Eyecare Eyewear Team on 4669 7072 (Dalby), 4668 9888 (Chinchilla) or 4661 4144 (Warwick).

No More Distance Glasses – Orthokeratology

Eyecare Eyewear’s optometry team has recently completed accreditation for the fitting and prescription of a new type of custom rigid contact lenses for the correction of refractive errors. This form of correction is commonly called Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) or Corneal Refractive Therapy.               

The treatment process involves using the eye’s own tear layer to gently re-shape the cornea (front surface of the eye). After overnight wear, the retainer lens is removed to produce clear vision. The retainer lens is required to be worn overnight several times a week to maintain clear vision throughout the day.  Orthokeratology is completely reversible and therefore is a great alternative to surgical correction.  

Eyecare Eyewear is able to offer this treatment due to the recent purchase of a corneal topographer which enables detailed analysis of the corneal surface. This device also allows greater accuracy in the monitoring and fitting of contact lenses to patients with keratoconus or other corneal related disorders.  

Orthokeratology is most suitable for mild to moderate myopic (shortsighted) and mild hyperopic (longsighted) prescriptions. There are also clinical trials underway in the use of this form of vision correction for more complicated refractive corrections. New research has recently demonstrated the ability of Orthokeratology to stop distance vision from getting worse in children.  

For further information regarding this exciting vision correction option, please contact the Eyecare Eyewear Team on 4669 7072 (Dalby), 4668 9888 (Chinchilla) or 4661 4144 (Warwick).


Safety Glasses - Prevention is better than Cure 

With over sixty percent of all eye injuries happen at work, the Eyecare Eyewear Optometry team are urging local workplaces to ensure they have in place an eye injury procedure and prevention strategy.  

Most workplace injuries happen within the construction, manufacturing, agricultural, forestry, fishing and mining industries and often occur during grinding and welding related tasks.  

Eyecare Eyewear offers a range of over 40 different styles of prescription safety eyewear including brands such as: Eyres, Titmus, Snakewear and Uvex. All prescription safety eyewear is provided with a certificate providing evidence of compliance to the latest AS/NZs 1337.6 safety standard.   

The Eyecare Eyewear optometry team is also highly skilled in the removal of ocular foreign bodies and management of workplace eye injuries. Most patients are seen immediately, which means less time waiting and more time back on the job. We also ensure that all injuries are accurately documented with our ocular photographic facilities and can provide therapeutic prescriptions for ocular medications.  

For further information regarding safety glasses or ocular injury management please contact the Eyecare Eyewear Team on 4669 7072 (Dalby), 4668 9888 (Chinchilla) or 4661 4144 (Warwick).

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