What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a structured activity based program that aims to develop or rehabilitate visual skills. This is achieved by improving body and spatial awareness and more specifically the eye movements, focusing and convergence abilities. 

 What’s involved?

The results from your comprehensive initial examination are used to create your customised vision therapy program. Each program includes 8 in office sessions of 1 hour duration. At the completion of each session activities will be scheduled for at home practice. It is recommended that home practice be conducted for 30 minutes every day during the program.

What are the costs and what is included?

There is a programming fee required prior to the commencement of vision therapy. This fee includes a personalised vision therapy equipment pack specific to your prescribed exercises. Occasionally larger items of vision therapy equipment can be loaned after paying a fully refundable equipment deposit. In addition to the programming fee there are weekly session fees which can include a contribution from medicare if your optometrist is involved with the in office sessions.

Is vision therapy the right thing for me?

Vision therapy is best suited to patients who are having problems due to deficiencies in visual skills. In order to benefit from a vision therapy program it is important that you and your support network (family, friends & teachers) are committed to the program.

What happens afterwards?

As vision is a learnt skill, improvements in vision therapy provide patients with lasting improvements in visual function.  It is not unusual for some patients to benefit from multiple vision therapy programs. A performance evaluation with your optometrist is scheduled after completing your final vision therapy session. At this appointment your visual skills will be reassessed and further recommendations are made.

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